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Microsoft Office/Email Setup Service (2030 customer reviews)

"Keep up-to-date and compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Office and its products"

"Stop spam mails on your e-mail client"

The importance of MS Office in today's world!

The introduction of the Microsoft Office suite will always remain crucial in the history of this growing virtual world as it has transformed the way people worked and experienced their day-to-day computing life with a new wave of innovation and creativity.

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Features like redesigned Ribbon user interface, SharePoint designer i.e. a built-in compatibility checker, SharePoint Server, keyboard navigation, live preview, and others have made Office one of the most sought-after productivity suites.

But with the passage of time a lot of new changes have been incorporated in many of its applications for the convenience of the users. However, it is hard to immune technical products or facilities from problems/errors and Microsoft Office is no exception. You can face numerous problems while working on this facility that can seriously threaten your productivity and wipe your hard work with a blink of an eye. Therefore, it is paramount to deal with such problems before time for a tension-free and performance based working environment.

We understand...

Our tech experts will provide you complete support for any issues related to Microsoft® Office®. Technicians will also keep you up-to-date and compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Office and its products. They will also help you to be familiar with the product and its features.

Our technical experts provide full support for any version of Microsoft® Office. Jupiter Support technicians and software engineers are very skilled and qualified and thus they provide 100% satisfaction to the customers towards Support for Microsoft Office.

MS Email

Email forms an important medium of communication today. With such an important relay tool, errors can cause a stunted growth and restrict your ability to send and receive e-mails. Jupiter Support’s certified Technicians can be reached 24/7 for instant solutions to issues faced with any email client, including Eudora Mail, IncrediMail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and more. Technicians help you set-up, install and configure any e-mail client on your computer.

We help:

  • Fix issues while importing and exporting contacts.
  • Block a sender in your e-mail client.
  • Stop spam mails on your e-mail client.
  • Retrieve deleted e-mails.
  • Configure multiple accounts on the e-mail client.
  • Uninstall an outdated or incompatible e-mail client.
  • Set up your Internet-based Email account
  • Configure your desktop client to send and receive Email
  • Troubleshoot and fix any errors of Email clients such as Outlook
  • Provide any assistant and tips when you are using Microsoft Office suite

Unlimited Support Services

  • Support for Microsoft Office.
  • Troubleshooting software conflicts.
  • 24/7 round the year tech support.
  • Keep you up-to-date and compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft.
  • Help you to be familiar with the Microsoft products and its features.
  • Full support for any version of Microsoft Office.
  • Very cheap rates for premium and annual subscription.
  • Remote PC support to solve all your Technical problems online.
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Customer Reviews

Jupiter Support Microsoft Office/Email Setup Service

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  • Top Rated HUGE thank you to Jupiter Support

    By Carmichael T

    Good day to you! First off, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Alex. He fixed a document that was very important and was corrupt. He was both polite, helpful and above all, friendly and understanding of my needs. I am not computer savvy and on a scale of '1' to '10' I give him a '10' on every aspect of the service he provided me. If my words of praise can be passed to Alex, then it would make me very happy.

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  • Top Rated The agent was very helpful

    By Syed L

    The agent was very helpful and showed me how to go about a presentation when I was stuck in the middle of formatting. Turned out that I aced the presentation at work and that really made my day as well as my bosses. I am very grateful for all your help.

  • Top Rated He was amazing! Great job!

    By Cassandra H

    Where have you been for the past 20 years???? I came to you with a problem I had tried for days to repair myself. Was ready to take the computer to the shop until I saw your service on the internet. I was a little skeptical at first but read the reviews and felt for the low cost I could at least give it a try. My tech, Alex, had to probably undo all that I did wrong as well as resolve the original problem. It took some time but everything was repaired and recovered in a timely and professional fashion. In these difficult financial times it is wonderful to find a company like yours, with such polite professional and informative techs like Alex at affordable costs.  He was very clear and kept me informed as he worked through the system,  confirming with me that my systems were back to normal and what I needed to do to clean up the old files. He was amazing! Great job!

  • Top Rated I'm so thankful to Jupiter Support

    By Jeremy S

    I'm a novice when it comes to computers. My company had asked for us to create email IDs for our employees and I didn’t really know how to do it. Jupiter Support came to my rescue! I'm so thankful to them for showing me how to do it and now I'm a pro.

  • Top Rated Thanks for being so patient and guiding

    By Carla T

    My grandmother was shown how to type documents in Word through Jupiter Support. She now knows how to type her letters on Word. Thanks for being so patient and guiding her through the process.

Why Jupiter Support?

Unlike other companies, we put ourselves in the customer's shoes. We've once been there and know what it's like to be overwhelmed with technology and its stumbling blocks.

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We promise to deal with your problem on a one-on-one basis and give you the time, attention and quality service you deserve.  We own up to our responsibilities and take it upon ourselves to make sure your problem is answered with the care it needs. Your failure is our failure, and in the rare event, we are unable to resolve your concerns, you don't pay.

Here’s a look at some of the Viruses and Spyware we’ve removed:

System Restore Virus, XP Home Security 2012, Win 7 Home Security 2012, Security Tool, Windows Police Pro, Windows PC Defender, Personal AntiVirus 2009, Personal Security Pro, AntiVirus 2009, Anti spyware, Google redirect Virus, Antivirus System Pro, Antivirus Live, Internet Security 2010, Alpha Antivirus, XP Security Tool and more...

About Jupiter Support

At Jupiter Support, we are committed to quality service. We are driven by our customers who give us every reason to provide the very best in technical solutions.

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We understand the need to keep up with technology and its incessant predicaments, giving us yet another reason to deliver IMMEDIATE solutions in every area revolving around your computer, network and gadget needs.

Our goal and promise is to provide stress-free solutions that are long-lasting and that keep millions of digitally dependent computer users and small businesses protected and productive at all times. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the services our technical experts provide. Through our No Fix, No Pay policy, we fulfil that promise! In the rare event, we are unable to resolve your concerns, you owe us nothing!

Moreover, you only need to pay $0.4 per day (view Jupiter Support pricing plans) to continue as a paid subscriber. You can send UNLIMITED requests to our technical experts, from any location at any time.

Why not sign up now for professional services GUARANTEED!

  • Fast, affordable, effective and more convenient than in-store repair or phone repair
  • Unlimited 24/7 online tech support; no appointment or waiting necessary
  • Trusted lab-tested tools used for our remote session via chat
  • Over 98% satisfied customers from around the world rate Jupiter Support as # 1 in online tech support

No risk and cost-effective: complete tech support are covered at $0.4 per day and supported by our money-back guarantee

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People are Talking

Matthew, FL

The support was executed in a very patient and efficient way everything was great.

I have always received First class service and support from Jupiter Support.

Customer Reviews

Jupiter Support was very professional and wanted to take care of my PC problems to my full satisfaction.

Now I know I have a company to contact to get resolution any day in the convenience of my home. Great feeling; Thanks!

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